Thursday, June 6, 2013


porn-movie: girl licking her girlfriend bald pussy


girl licking her girlfriend bald pussy

You should post more videos ;D #horny

If that's what you want babe I can do that for ya!

fuckmeclose: damn!



Awesome blog ;) But I don't have a toy and really need a big orgasm to relieve some stress help?!

Thank you! Lol well you don't need a big toy to help you reach that big orgasm. The best way to have a big orgasm is to tease yourself. Play with your tits and build up to an orgasm then stop build up to an orgasm then stop again. each time you build up the bigger it will get when you finally release. ;)









fuckyeahsquirting: Here is the video of the lady on the...


Here is the video of the lady on the hardwood floor

I'm not sure if it's correct

but the internet is a wonderful thing!

Thank you enniuschub

Could you post some pics of girls squirting? It TOTALLY gets me hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog <3

I sure can do that for you baby ;)

definingdanielle: loveseesnogender: mmm...



mmm sexytimes

sexysexnsuch: -Tori



Hello! I am a virgin and I haven't had a sex toy in years. Just recently I bought some and they arrived today. One of them was a wet rabbit, my very first and they sent me a free gift of a small pink vibrator that works crazy well. I used them earlier this evening and had a crazy orgasm. Even after an hour it's hard to walk straight, not to mention losing my balance. I also keep twitching and I'm honestly freaking out! What the hell did I just experience?! :'0 ((Though I feel crazy good))

wow! I'm happy to hear that you experienced such a big orgasm! I'm rather jealous to be honest! Well you see when you cum your clit becomes very sensitive to the slightest touch, I'm not a doctor I'm just saying this off of things I've read but you probable experienced such a big orgasm that you're now over sensitive I've done it before myself. If this continues though and pain becomes involved please seek medical help immediately you might have strained or hit a nerve down there.  

I want to scissor with you so badly right now. Unf

Well thank you dear that sounds amazing. trust me my inner thighs are wet just thinking about it, but I'm afraid that's the girlfriend's job

I'm a girl. Turn me on.

lol well all you have to do is take a look at my blog and my job is done ;)

I just want to say thank you for posting the best lesbian things ^_^! Keep up the good work! I really appreciate you :D

Thank you so much! And I will I've been the past few days spending them with my girl! Keep coming back dear!

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